Wednesday, October 11, 2006

~Holy Cow - Great Mail Day!"

Operation: Love From Home is off to a FABULOUS start! Today, before I (1) put my car in the shop (it decided to get sick and needs a minimum of $500 worth of work...ack....) and (2) went to my hubby's uncle's funeral, I stopped by the post office to check my mail. Holy cow, there was a ton! Yay!!!!

I received cards from:

  • Dianne G. in Clermont, GA
  • James & Carla L. in Prescott, AZ
  • Aimee F. in Laconia, NH
  • Reinaldo & Gilda R. in Loganville, GA and
  • Leta C. in Tennessee.
Tonight when I got home, I sorted & counted and read them all... they are awesome!!!!! Today's mail alone brought in an additional 302 holiday cards for the troops!!!!! 253 were from Leta - wow, thanx so much!!!!! Also, thanx much for the $10 donation towards postage!!!!!! You rock! :-) I truly appreciate everything everyone has sent in so far - y'all are all doing an AWESOME job!!!! Eleven days into Operation: Love From Home, we already have gathered a total of 415 cards!!!!! Holy Cow!!! Y'all are doing a great job - thank you sooo much!!!

Keep those cards, letters & emails comin' in! Our heroes need us to get thru this holiday season!


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