Tuesday, September 12, 2006

SFC Norris Galatas Update 9-12-06

Here's the latest on our Wounded Warrior Hero, Norris...

Hello everyone....Well, we met the doctors this afternoon and they are happy with the healing down the chest, so they removed the staples and put steri-strips instead. Doc said just wear 'em until they fall off. There is still infection present in the lower abdomenal wound and they said they don't want it to "colonize" so they put in a sponge and a wound vac. Norris hates these things. They suck the fluids off the wound so that the bacteria cannot grow. This one is small and he carries it on his shoulder like a purse...one more reason to hate it. But they said maybe two more weeks and he can come home for a couple of weeks. I moved my plane ticket to Friday September 22nd so I can continue to dress the wet-to-dry bandages and help him with the wound dressings. His next appointment is next Tuesday so we'll know how it is looking then. There is red fluid in the vac tube so I see it is still inflamed. If there is little or nothing in the canister by Friday, I think they may let him come home with the wet-to-dry dressing changes. We'll see. I have a stack of bills waiting for me and a ton of things to get done so I will be busy when I get home. We will plan a huge birthday party for him when he comes home in October. Keep him on your prayer lists...I knew he was still infected. Later you guys. Janis


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