Sunday, September 10, 2006

Norris Update/Thoughts on 9-11

From Janis Galatas:

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Norris and I slept late this morning. His wounds still look good, although there is some infection left to fight. (Most likely Staph)...He is still on his antibiotics. His next appointment is Tuesday morning. If the doctors think he is OK to go home with the staples in, I'm sure they will give him his 30-day convalescent leave. If they take the staples out, he'll need to stay another week where he is close to the hospital. He wears his abdomenal binder all the time for support. He wears his leg brace and doesn't stub his toe as much. He walks all over the grounds and rides the shuttle to Forest Glenn to shop. We bought groceries Saturday. He has met with his medical evaluation board once. All the paperwork is old and out-of-date now, so when he comes back for his October 19th appointment with the sleep clinic he will start the paperwork over again.

Luna called tonight and said Cinnamon cut her foot...Luna got the vet out....she will be OK, but it was sliced pretty stitches required, but it is wrapped up. Probably got it in the fence. I need to go home and take care of some stuff coming up. I need to get the barn enclosed so the horses will have shelter...I need to order hay for the winter and store it...and tons of other stuff. I hope to fly home Thursday.

Norris's brother George came by Mologne House and picked him up so that he could spend the day with George and they grilled steaks. My sister Amy came and got me and we fed the fish...then I went shopping with her at a little mall in Wheaton MD. After we got back, Amy went "home" to her friend's house and Norris and I watched the documentary on the 9/11 Commission Report. Tomorrow is a day close to our hearts and I will pray for healing for those who lost loved ones at the Pentagon and the World Trade Centers. My heroes are the brave hearts who went down on Flight 93...they knew what lay ahead and they acted. Their sacrifice will always be with me....I got an e-mail the other day which stated that only two men have died for me...Jesus to save my soul and a soldier to save my freedom....but I still honor cops and firemen, because they, too, sacrifice their lives to save others. My cousin has often gone into a burning home to rescue the family pet after the humans are safe. They do this because they are caring, compassionate people. I guess I am just biased towards men in uniform. LOL!

Bin Laden's followers are still making their plans to hit us again. Next time will come and we will mourn our loved ones again. This is the age of the terrorists....they don't have "demands" that we can meet, they don't value human life and human dignity, and they don't care if they die. I for one am now a soldier, too. I will never again board a bus, train or airplane without checking out my fellow passengers. I will speak out. Would I attack a hijacker? You bet. I am not bullet proof, but I am not afraid to die. I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my saviour and Jehova is my God. Norris and I are proud to be Americans. America is a Christian nation. If our God offends you, please feel free to leave....and please take your cruel, morbid, atrocious cultures with you. Norris is a miracle. God has blessed us and we are thankful. Thank you for your prayers and support and, in your prayers tonight, ask God to bless America. Janis


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