Saturday, September 09, 2006

Norris Update!!!!

Friday September 8, 2006

Hello friends and supporters! Norris had a great day....we saw the doctors at noon and they were happy with how the wounds look. I guess I'm packing and dressing the two open holes OK. That IS the mesh showing through the hole they had to make in the lower end of the incision! (At least now I know it is SUPPOSED to be there)...they said he could go home on a convalescent leave soon. Our next appointment is Tuesday. We went to see his case manager Ms. Rosemary Walker...sweet lady. She takes care of Norris like he is her own! The highlight of our day was talking with PJ and she said she would go by the ranch in Reno Nevada and check on our little mare "Sugar". She was on my mind all day Thursday for some reason and so I got on the AQHA site and looked her up. She was supposed to be in California, but has moved around some. And at age seven, never broke to ride, and changing hands, she is headed for we talked to the new owners and Wayne Rankin said he would let us know when she is for sale so we can bring her home. Then we will have all four of our "kids" safe at home. If you don't know about horse slaughter in the US, click on the good news Lisa sent us! The Congress PASSED the anti-horse slaughter bill on September 7th! Now call your Senators and tell them YOU WANT THIS TO GO AWAY! There are other ways to dispose of unwanted horses without torturing them first. Norris and I were just so happy all day with that news. My worst fear was that someone could drive out to the pasture, load up my three kids, haul them to Texas and slaughter them....we wouldn't have a clue where to start looking! And the "evidence" is gone. Thanks, Lisa for that article, and THANKS PJ for offering to check on our baby Sugar! Love you all. Janis

Horse Slaughter Industry May Be on Its Last Legs


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