Friday, September 22, 2006

I talked to Norris Again!!!

Hey there! Now that my work computer has been fixed and come back to life, I can blog about this most exciting update. :) SFC Norris Galatas called me this morning on my cell -- he said they were IN ATLANTA, actually just got on their plane, fixin' to fly back to good ole Meridian, Mississippi, again!!! Wooohooo!!!!!! He said Janis told him I'd want to know they were here and flying out on time (darn right!), so he called to let me know. It was like a 30-second conversation before the airlines made everyone turn off their cell phone. They should be landing in Meridian shortly, if they haven't already -- it's just a real brief flight from "here" to "there!" :) Norris said he's doing good and boy oh boy are they happy to be goin' home!!!


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