Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Excuse the Interruption...

Hero update!!!! Just got an email from Janis Galatas a lill bit ago, with an update on our very own Wounded Warrior hero, Norris Galatas.... He's doing well, thank God! :) Please keep praying for a full, swift recovery with NO complications! :)

Norris back at Mologne House Room
Hello friends and supporters. Norris was doing so well (and complaining so loudly) that the doctors allowed him to go back to the Mologne House yesterday around 5:00 PM. He is so happy to be back in his room....with his TV, his bed, and his computer! They removed the PICC line and sent us "home" with bandages and anitbiotics. I changed the wound dressings last night and this morning and he is still fighting the infection with oral anitbiotics. They scanned him for blood clots in his legs but didn't find any. He is no longer on any blood thinners. He took his first shower since August 23rd and I got my first night's rest since Amy sat with him on August 25th. His color is good and he is eating and drinking now. Thanks to our buddy Yancey, a fellow wounded 155th soldier, he has had Outback steak and baked potato, Popeye's chicken and Pizza. Now that he is not attached to an IV stand, we can get out and get some real food. There is much that happened but it was so hectic I couldn't get to a computer. I'll update you all soon and we even got an e-mail from a retired soldier in BRAZIL who is following Norris's story on the web. Thank you for your prayers and support and keep him in your prayers. We had one soldier "crash" next door and one civilian (elderly gentleman) ......they had no one to sit with them to alert the nursing staff. The soldier made it and is in SICU ...the civilian did not. WRAMC is the best place in the world for our wounded....but it has issues which the Galatases and supporters are addressing.
Prayers are all that saved SFC Galatas and we are grateful. Janis


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