Thursday, August 10, 2006

No borders

Random rambling thoughts on another 'random' day....

The day starts early here on the west coast
Bratdog snoring, minou dreaming
And I am laughing til I cry......
An adored friend on the phone,
from America and then
and then....
"Oh brat..wait...wait
there is breaking news"

And this 'random' day turns into
a very un-random time.

And as she tells me and my heart
my heart breaks - again -into
a million tiny pieces -

No borders in the war on terror
no borders on fear

In this silent night, holy night
I go to BBC online
and I read and cant believe
what my tear-filled eyes are
seeing, my heart feeling

5am......Bratdog pushing, shoving
"Mum....up NOW!!!"
Minou urgently doing what she does best
"Meoooooooow I am hungry"

And I - I wake from my sleep
my sleep of the dead....
still crying as I feed them both
start the coffee which
today brings no relief and
I come online.

The INBOX is full
Northampton, Dublin, MO, MN,
London, Iraq, Afghanistan
all points in between
"Have you heard the you know?..
guess what happened. Are YOU okay?"

I dont have to guess
I KNOW - I know
once again no borders
no borders on terror
no borders on fear

8.30am out the door
another rainy Vancouver summer day
this is tears flow

And then and then
as I creep around the blocks
a peace comes over me
I KNOW I know....

No border on LOVE
no border on fear

And the words come to me
clearly in the Voice I
have come to know and love
and Trust, above all others
"Fear not - for I am with you,
My rod and my staff
they comfort you."

And slowly - slowly
a smile starts from my heart,
my soul, and settles in to every cell
of this tired, worn out body.

There is a peace, a knowing
no matter what we humans do
one to another in the name of
terror, or any religion...
There is one weapon no man
NO man, whatever creed, whatever
hate-filled ideology, no fear which
cannot be conquered.

God's Love...God's Grace
"the peace which passes all understanding..
THIS I give unto you."

And I return and crank up
the brat computer...
Lucy bratdog sleeps,
Minou does what Minou does ;)

And there IS peace,
and there will BE peace
For LOVE knows no borders
God's Love will win any war,
anywhere any place,
defeat any fear....

And so it is..... ^j^


Georgia Blogger