Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Chicken-Soup Kinda Day...

OK, before I begin whining and getting on everyone's nerves, PLEASE go HERE and read about Operation: Happy Birthday Hero!, which has only today, tomorrow, and Friday day left before it's over. :-) If you don't read anything else on this blog all day, PLEASE go read THAT. :-)

OK, back to my whining. I feel SICK. Blah. Icky. Bad. Horrible. Half-dead.... I've seen road kill that looks better than I feel! It all started this morning on the bus on the way into work. I started feeling vaguely achy, but I just figured it was because there were about two busloads of people crammed together on this one bus (due to the 7:20 bus breaking down, and having to double up on the 7:35 bus). Nope... as the day has gone on, I've been feeling progressively more achy EVERYWHERE. My throat is acting like it wants to hurt - you know, not really sore yet, but kinda scratchy feeling, like before it REALLY gets going? I am alternately hot, then cold again. Can't tell if I have a fever, but the hot/cold thing is a clue I might, haha. :-/ I really don't have much appetite to speak of, but I'm making myself eat a little bit of chicken noodle soup from the restaruant in our building. It's icky - but that could just be because my "taste bugs" (as the 5 year old calls them) are out of whack from being sick. You know what that's like - you are sick and nothing tastes right...blah. I hate that super-achy every nerve in your body is just on hyper-alert and ya just wanna curl up & die somewhere, haha. I was thinking maybe I was just stressed or something .... till I got an email from hubby saying that my 13-year-old is on her way home from school because she is SICK. Very sick. :-/ So I guess we got the same bug.

Thankfully, this is a VERY VERY slow day, and I have nothing to do to speak of at the moment. Just kinda being a warm body at a desk today, which is fine by me. I know, I know, you are all saying, "Leave work early!" Well, I can't for a couple of reasons. 1) - the first bus outta here isn't until 3:20 to begin with, so I'm trapped till then. 2) - unless I'm totally passed out on the floor or something and unable to remain verticle for any length of time, I wouldn't want to request to leave early ~ I've only been here 90 days (as of yesterday) and don't want to look like a total slacker or something. 3) - I'm actually scheduled to leave at 4:00 today anyway, because I have my weekly chiropractor appoontment. Remember that wreck I had on March 1? My neck still hasn't gotten better yet. :-/ It's improved, but it's not "better" so I'm still treating once a week. In 2 hours and 40 mintues, I'll be outta here. Though I'm seriously thinking that today I am going to skip the chiro and just go home and curl up in a ball and hibernate till tomorrow. :-/

OK, I'm done whining. You may resume your regularly scheduled internet surfing!


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