Sunday, July 23, 2006

Update from Janis Galatas 7-23-06

The continuing saga of our Wounded Hero, SFC Norris Galatas, as written by his wife:

Hello friends and supporters.

Today was a lazy day. The weather was cooler and I went exploring. The most exciting thing that happeded today was that Jana and Destiny DeCol found a baby squirrel that had fallen from its nest. They called animal control but no one came....Jana had it wrapped in a napkin in an ashtray. They were trying to feed it milk...I only knew to give skim milk with a little Karo syrup mixed in but "Big John" was here from the VFW and he was a squirrel rescuer extraordinare....he said it needed the skim milk with Karo syrup and some boiled egg blended in. So he carried it home with him. I guess we'll see it back in a few weeks. At WRAMC everything is encouraged to live and heal.

I met Jeanie in the Family Assistance Center and her little boy loves horses. I'll have to get her a coloring book for him. Dustin was sleeping when I went up to ward 65, so I'll see him tomorrow. Regina made it in late, but just fine. Norris is watching a lot of TV and resting. He is eating more protein (doctor's orders) and drinking lots of water and tea to hydrate. He is getting ready and counting down the days. We go to pre-op tomorrow for paperwork. Big John was over for the VFW brunch...I missed it! But I'll catch it next time.

The VFW post up here is #8208 and they take the soldiers to brunch every 2nd and 4th Sunday. I promised him I'd tell the folks back home at our VFW post to send money! LOL! He was handing out phone cards. He is a big burly man with a salt and pepper beard and I loved him immediately! He gave me an autographed 8 x 10 photo of a war protester at the front gate with a sign that said "the planes on 9-11 were remote controlled and were not flown by Muslims"...with Big John standing behind the protester with a sign of his own held high. It just said "Nit Wit"....he wrote "To Janis...We have their backs"...I'm still laughing!

Tomorrow is a busy day so I'll write tomorrow night. Thank you for your prayers and support. Janis and Norris at WRAMC


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