Sunday, July 16, 2006

Don't Forget about Afghanistan....

Found an awesome new blog today, "Strong Ideas." Major Strong is blogging from Afghanistan. I was real excited to find this blog, because I have an newly-adopted Soldier from Soliders' Angels at this same camp he blogs from. :) Now, even if my Soldier turns out to be one who does not communicate regularly, I can still have an idea of what's going on in her world. :) [Oh, and incidently - this camp is one of the places approximately 300 of the 2,300 4th of July cards from Operation: Thanks For Freedom! were sent!]

Here's an excerpt from Major Strong's most recent blog entry. Go check it out for yourselves, and leave a comment or two for the Major - let's not forget about our heroes over there in Afghanistan! :)

As Maj. Tangen and I were taking advantage of the DSN networks access to connect locally with our wives, it came in. ZZZZSSSCHHHRRRRREEWWWWWW...BOOM ZZzsgcrewww..Biff! Two rockets right overhead landed in the middle of our FOB [Forward Operating Base].



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