Saturday, July 22, 2006

Day 3 at Walter Reed Army Medical Center: Norris Galatas Update

The latest update on Janis & Norris Galatas:

Hello friends and supporters. We slept late this morning and then went over to Forest Glen and shopped in the commissary for next weeks groceries. I rode the shuttle for the first is fine once you read the itenerary and memorize the bus schedule! Norris and I were loaded down like packmules! Then this afternoon Kat's Soldiers' Angel picked us up and took us to Armands...a Chicago style pizza place. VERY GOOD! We got to know her and she is precious. Next weekend we will go back with a carfull of soldiers! She just carried her adopted soldier to the airport for his flight home to Gulfport. Man is he going to be surprised! He hasn't seen it since he left for Iraq last year. Claudette, she also adopted a soldier who was at Camp Hit with the 2/114th and lives in Columbus. I also met a wonderful group with Operation First Response who brought a huge box of goodies for the troops and families here. The lobby table was filled! There were lots of coloring books and crayons for the kids, too. GREAT. Also good news for the DeCol family! They have been submitted to "Extreme Home Makeover" for remodeling to make room for the new baby and for Dustin when he is sent home. The Babies R Us group is taking care of all their baby needs and Soldiers Angels have sent gift cards for Regina to purchase new maternity clothing. She is out growing her old ones. She is trying to fly from New Orleans to DC with bad weather moving in tonight...please pray for her and baby DeCol. Thanks to the outpouring of support from good people across the USA through great organizations like Web Of Support, Soldiers Angels, A Soldiers Wish List and more.....our troops are being cared for during their deployment, through the recovery of wounded warriors and even after they are sent home. Lasting friendships are formed and strengthened through strife.

Our friend SFC Stuckey is meeting his Medical Evaluation Board Monday and Tuesday and his wife Peggy asks that we pray for them. Richard is 3 and a half years from the 20-year mark for a full retirement and they have been told that his eyesight in one eye will not return. Ask God to bless them on their trip to Fort Rucker and see them through this trying and stressful time.

I'll keep you all posted. Thank you for your support and prayers.
Janis and Norris at WRAMC


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