Wednesday, June 14, 2006

JUNE 14 UPDATE RE: Operation Thanks For Freedom, June 14

More good news today!!! Yesterday, I received 57 more "Thank you/Happy 4th of July" cards in the mail for Operation: Thanks for Freedom! OK, technically, only 13 of those cards came in yesterday's mail... the rest were in an envelope that somehow got overlooked the other day when I got 1200+ cards from all over the country, haha! How the heck did that happen? Anyway, the total for yesterday was 57, and today I received 42 more cards, again from a Blue Star Mom who teamed up with a 4H club out there in Nevada. Yay!

This brings our grand total up to over 1500 cards & emails! woohoo! Good job y'all!!!! Still aiming for that 2,000 mark... I bet we can make it happen!

Let's let our deployed hereos know that as we celebrate our independence this year, we have not forgotten those who make that independence possible for us!!!

For details on how to get involved in Operation: Thanks for Freedom!, CLICK HERE!


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