Friday, June 30, 2006

~How I Became a Soldiers' Angel~

(This is a fictional account, obviously. But you, too, can become an Angel: GO HERE and get your wings today!)

Once upon a time, an Angel lived in the most beautiful region in Paradise known as Georgia. The Angel, whose earthly name was Kat, lived with her beloved family in the tiny town of Walnut Grove in Loganville, Georgia.

One day, the Lord came to the Angel with a very special request. "I have an assignment for you," He said seriously. "It is a very special job, one that can be done only by Angels to whom I've given an excess of love and compassion. This Mission will consume your every waking moment as you constantly seek for ways to accomplish the task at hand. Your nights will be filled with sleeplessness, prayers and sometimes even tears. However, the rewards will be beyond comprehension and you will be happier than you could imagine as a result of this labor of love."

"Please, Lord, tell me more!" the Angel asked.

"Alright," said the Lord. His face grew somber as He said, "As you know, thousands of My precious Sons and Daughters are in the middle of a great battle against evil forces that would destroy and oppress millions of my Children all over the world and spread hatred and fear throughout generations. My dear ones are fighting to create and protect something very close to My Heart: FREEDOM.

"They are thousands of miles away from home ~ thousands of miles away from friends and family. They live in unbearable conditions and work around-the-clock, putting themselves in the most dangerous of situations for the benefit of others. They are tired and homesick. Far too many of My Children receive very little or no support at all from home. Will you, My Angel, stand in the gap and shower My love upon my warrior Children? Will you devote your lives to surrounding My Heroes with prayers, with unconditional love and support, with letters and pictures and anything else you can possibly think of to bring a bit of "home" to them?"

The Angel did not hesitate even a moment. "Yes, Lord, I will devote my life to serving them, with all my heart!"

Upon hearing this, the Lord smiled broadly. "Thank you, My Angel! Before you get to work (though it will never seem like "work" to you), allow me to give you a couple gifts. First, I am imparting to you a special measure of grace and extra portions of My Love. With these tools, you will be able to devote yourself fully to the task at hand. You will be able to give freely and completely, expecting absolutely nothing in return. The more you give and the more you serve, the fuller and more complete your joy and happiness will be. It is the divine paradox of My Kingdom ~ the more Love you give away, the more Love you gain and keep!

"Secondly, I am going to bestow upon you a special symbol of your role in my Plan." Having said that, the Lord reached forth and touched the Angel’s shimmering, gossamer wings.

In an instant, her wings were transformed. No longer were they small, white, feathery and dainty wings. They suddenly changed into a camouflage color pattern and became large enough to envelop a whole platoon at once if need be. The Angel could not quite tell what her new wings were made of, but they felt suspiciously like Kevlar. In spite of these changes, her wings were not a burden. In fact, they were lighter and (of course) stronger than her old wings ever were!

And so it was that the Angel began adopting deployed Soldiers and actively seeking to carry out the Mission and fulfill the creed of all Angels: "May no Soldier go unloved!"

The End... or rather, The Beginning.....

~Kat, Proud to be a Soldiers' Angel


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