Friday, May 12, 2006

A Wounded Hero Need Prayer - and Mail!

OK y' again... I got an email from someone I know personally, who personally knows the soldier referenced below....I will share snippets of that email with you below. I know of a very special 48th BCT soldier who was seriously injured in Iraq. Anyone wanting to send him mail, please contact me - he is far from his family and lonely and suffering a lot.

".....B suffered serious injury to the head from an exploding IED [In September, 05]..... near Mahmuhdiyah, south of Baghdad. Numerous brain surgeries and partial loss of short term memory is just some of what he has been through. He is coming along very well and slowly rebuilding the short term memory he lost - almost like reloading files on a computer....

B had been allowed to come home from Walter Reed for a while, but his leave time ran out and he was required to go back the end of April. Looks like he going to be at Walter Reed for a while - several months most likely. At some point he will be released back to civilian medical care and home...... At present his wife and children are back in [his hometown hundreds of miles away] and the ability to go back and forth is very limited....

He loves any kind of mail. He is just plain lonely at times being separated so far from his ...[unit] that is now home, his family, and friends. He could use a lift if you have time and could drop him a card or letter."

This is SEPARATE and distinct from the "Operation: Thanks for Freedom" 4th of July card drive campaign I'm doing - I *just* got this email late last night, and just had to do "something." If anyone wants to send this hero a letter or a card (or email - I can print it out & mail it), let me know - I'll send it along to him.


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