Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chaplains in Combat

The Online Chaplain has an EXCELLENT post today... I'd strongly encourage everyone to go check it out! [Incidently, this unit, I discovered, is the unit that is replacing Outlaw's unit! Freaky how I've been reading the good chaplain for months, praying over his unit's imminent deployment, never realizing until I read a post a few days ago, that THEY are the ones who went over, so our Georgia guys can come home! How freaky a coincidence is that?!] Anyway, I've always had a special spot in my heart for chaplains - I mean, can you imagine what an enormous job it is, to try to counsel and keep up the morale of guys in combat situations??? Holy cow.. tough job for sure. This article sure comfirms that. It's awesome. :) Don't forget - pray for all our heroes, and toss an extra one skyward for our chaplains of all faiths. :)

For chaplains in Iraq, the constant battle is the fear, loneliness and tedium that can test a soldier's faith.

Just before sunrise on a foggy road outside Mosul, Iraq, a convoy of supply trucks lumbers from one forward operating base to another. On this December morning, the convoy is escorted by a dozen armored U.S. Army vehicles, including a Humvee with a three-man crew -- artillerymen farmed out to the 142nd Combat Support Battalion and retrained for convoy security. This is some of the most dangerous duty a soldier can pull in Iraq because insurgents target convoys with their weapon of choice: improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. Among service members, IEDs are the single greatest cause of death. Blast wounds account for 90 percent of the injuries at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

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