Thursday, May 04, 2006

~ a brilliant child and public transportation ~

I know, I know - what does a brilliant child have to do with public transportation?! Absolutely nothing, haha - but those are the topics of this post, hehe! (along with, of course, an ever-present reminder to PLEASE send in a Welcome Home email for a Returning Hero! Send to until Saturday a.m.!)

Anyway - Our 4 year old (who will be FIVE on May 30) has been acting up in pre-k lately. Acting up quite a lot. Not like being "evil" or anything, but there were definite behaviour issues. Thought perhaps various stressors of life could have gotten to her, or some other problem that perhaps we didn't know about.. so, off to the child psychologist she went, as directed by her pediatrician. Well, psych doc did a whole bunch of tests with her, and the results came back that emotionally and mentally, she is perfectly normal (I don't think that's ever actaully been said about ANY member of my family before, so that's a first, haha!) and no problems in those areanas. HOWEVER, we did discover why she's been acting up in class.

The kid is freakin' brilliant.

No lie ~ her I.Q. score was 128 ~ That puts her quite solidly in the "gifted" range! *Kat faints* When she starts kindergarten next year, her teachers will need to be aware of this, so that they can adjust her academia accordingly... she acts up because she's bored to death and not challenged. Hubby (who, by the way, is a certified, trained "child advocate" who specializes in getting schools to provide appropriate services for special-needs kids) already called her elementary school and has got things in motion on that.

So, how flippin cool is that?!

Now, onto public transportation! :-)

Tomorrow, I am off of work, since I gave myself an extra day off before my new job starts on Monday. One of the many cool things about this new job is that if I take public transportation, THEY WILL REIMBURSE ME FOR IT, up to I think $80. A monthly, unlimited MARTA pass is $52.50. So, in essence, if I can stick with the hassle and inconvenience of being tied to a bus schedule, they will pay for me to go to work, hahaha! In theory, this should save me BIG bucks in gas. My commute will be cut in more than half! It's only 17.25 miles from where I live to where the express bus stops out. I'll take the bus to a certain station, and then take a 4-minute train ride. The train will let me out a mere two blocks from my new office (which, as I mentioned to LL the other day, is on the 23rd or 24th floor of a huge building - yipes! Thankfully, I'm not afraid of elevators! Un-thankfully, I am, however, afraid of HEIGHTS! I'll just stay away from windows and should be fine, haha! However, I will make note of where all staircases are... High-rise building in a major city like atlanta... can you say, "TARGET?!" *sigh* I'm not overly freaked at that thought, but I am more "aware" than I was, say, five years ago!)

Anyway... I dread the thought of taking busses & trains. I HATE the thought, actually. For many years when I lived in NJ, I had to take busses & trains everywhere. Granted, the trains are kinda fun.... wwwwwhhhhheeeee! flying along real fast...way cool. :) But busses are a pain. The areas I'll be in, well, hubby said they should be "safe enough" since I'll be in a major commercial area & all...but I will most definitely need to be "AWARE" at all times... VERY "AWARE" (*Kat has flashbacks of life in NJ*). I COULD drive to work... but then, I'd have to pay for parking down there ~ which could run anywhere from $45 to $85 a month, depending on where I parked...not to mention the almost $3-a-gallon gas...not to mention the scary, icky traffic I'd have to fight going to and from. I dunno... we'll see how it goes!!!!!!!!

And that's all for today folks.

Now, for Pete's sake... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a Welcome Home email for this Returning Hero, ok?! :) *begs, pleads, grovels*




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