Monday, May 22, 2006


KAT'S DISCLAIMER: The following Kat Rant is a rant against what I fear to be a growing national apathy. It is not intended as a rant against any specific persons or organizations. /end disclaimer

Hello everyone! Ten Trillion apologies for the lack of blogging this past week! I didn’t realize, till I got an email from someone, that it had been a whole WEEK since my last post! Horrors!!!! With my new job & all, I just haven’t had too terribly much time to blog. And, to be honest, I just haven’t had anything to write about, haha! Things have been pretty quiet around here lately.

I can give you a status report on “Operation: Thanks for Freedom!” And it’s not a happy status report, unfortunately. So far, after about two-plus weeks of working on this…I have a grand total of approximately 15 cards/emails. And that’s IT. I’m hoping that I’ll just suddenly get a huge influx of cards all at once, haha!!! It does tend to do that sometimes… but typically, a couple weeks into a card drive, I do have more than 15! It worries me – not only for this particular card drive, but worries me for what it might mean in terms of public support for our heroes. Recently, I had two soldiers tell me that in general, they DON’T feel the support from home. One of those soldiers is over in the Sandbox now, and one has been home from the Sandbox for some time now. So, they know whereof they speak. This worries me… it’s my life’s mission, literally, to make sure our heroes “feel the love” from us back here at home. They’ve got to know, tangibly, really, how much we support them. They shouldn’t have to wonder, or worry, or ever feel forgotten by us back here at home (yep, I know…preaching to the choir again, hehe!).

A friend of mine & I were discussing the low response I’ve had thus far. She said, “I think people are just plain tired of the war!” I’m quite sure our heroes are awfully tired, too. I’m quite sure they’d all rather be at home, safe & sound, instead of getting shot at, blown up, and holding their best friends in their arms as they take their dying breaths. I’m quite sure that they are tired of wondering, “Has everyone at home forgotten about me? Do they care we are out here? What kind of welcome will I get when I return home?” They are physically tired, as well, often going several days at a time with little or no sleep.

We are ALL tired. Our hearts are ALL weeping (or should be!) over the loss of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Our hearts ache for those who were dreadfully wounded, physically and/or otherwise.

And yet, it is for these very reasons that we MUST – we MUST – do everything in our power to support our troops in real, tangible ways, regardless of one’s political views. I don’t mean this specific card drive: it’s bigger than just this one event. Several folks have promised cards, and I know their word is as good as gold (I love y'all!) What I'm getting at, is that her statement (admittedly, in conjunction with the slow response I've gotten so far) made me wonder if perhaps it is indicitive of a nation that is, at least to some extent, sliding into apathy regarding support for our heroes. I'm not talking about just this one tiny, tiny card drive (as I said, I know several folks are working on things for me)- I'm thinking it's a symptom of something way bigger than that - a national attitude of growing apathy. Don’t slide into apathy, don’t let your weariness and heartbreak cause you to give up and back away… no, the longer the war rages, the worse it gets, and the more tired we get, THE MORE WE MUST PRESS ON IN SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS!!!

If we don’t….then who will? The famous, “Someone Else?” Sorry… Someone Else isn’t available. He’s busy taking a nap – he was tired.


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