Thursday, April 27, 2006


ok, y'all... me & hubby got THE SWEETEST postcard in the snail-mail today! As I've mentioned before, I'm involved with Operation Quiet Comfort. My involvement with them is small - basically, all I do is sign get-well cards that go in care packages that are sent to combat hospitals over there. And I haven't even done that since... November, haha - they recieved a HUGE influx of cards from about a gazillion girl scout troops and have an EXCESS... more cards than they have room to store them, haha. So I have a stack of cards here that will get mailed in...whenever they need them & are ready for them. Anyway, that is the extent of my involvement with them. (There are LOTS of different ways to be involved with OQC, so go by there & check it out!) However, once in a while, I do get some really sweet hero mail, such as what I got today. If this doesn't motivate you to GET INVOLVED in supporting our troops, one way or another, I don't know what will! Have your hankies handy....

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Orr:

My name is SGM ************. Rently, soldiers in my unit received items sent by you both. [Kat's Note ~ actually, all "we" sent was the card he read - the rest of the stuff was donated by lots of other folks and shipped by OQC. We ONLY sent the card!] These soldiers have participated in rigorous duty in Baghdad and throughout Iraq, and your gifts were appropriate and well-timed. I want to thank you for helping to support the members of all four services as they work in Iraq. Your kindness, generosity, and patriotic spirit helped boost the morale of men and women who have driven through road-side blasts and ambushes. Your thoughtfulness throught "Operation: Quiet Comfort" is deeply appreciated. Thanks, SGM ********
Small things can make such a huge difference over there!!!! Please do what you can to get involved and support our troops!

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