Friday, March 03, 2006

Update: hubby's health, my health & More

This is me in Cherokee, NC, last weekend ---->


Well, thanks be to God ~ hubby went back to the doc today, and got the all clear...NO CANCER AT ALL, WHATSOEVER. Not even an eensy, weensy little bit! :-) Yay! So y'all's prayers helped - thanks!

There's the good news. The less than great news, though not 'horrible' haha... Wednesday night I was in a wreck. The sixteen year old behind me did not notice the same redlight that I happened to notice and slammed into me real hard... scrumpled up the back of the Kat-Mobile, obliterating my Angels 'n Camouflage bumper sticker (along with the bumper, the rear quarter panel, and the trunk hood)... up in the front of the car, my car radio was knocked clean outta the dashboard...and it's NOT one of those removable kinds, either. Well, I guess it is now, hahahaha! Anyway, I got me a wee bit of whiplash. The xrays did not show any broken bones or anything, so it seems I have just strained muscles and possible soft tissue damage. I've been wearing this highly uncomfortable neck brace thing since wednesday night. I stayed out of work thursday, and made the horrible mistake of going back today. I figured, Oh i have a desk job, it'll be alright...WRONG...boy was I miserable all day, and massively unproductive cuz i was just in PAIN and my boss is just thrilled...NOT..... I was so glad to get home tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ultimately, I'm sure I'll be fine. .. time will tell... I was in a wreck in 1999... the first three days, I didn't feel anything out of the wasn't till day FOUR that I got SLAMMED with pain (how weird is that?!)... so I know from that experience (as well as 10 years of being a legal secretary, working in the personal injury field) it can take a few days before the full extent of the injuries, if there are any besides the muscle strain, show up.

So that's why I haven't been around I'm all loopy on the Lortab & Flexril (whatever it is...muscle relaxer, hahaha) I'll end here.

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