Friday, March 17, 2006

Shopping Spree

OK, traffic actually cooperated today (!!!! shocking!!!!!) and I had about 30 minutes before my chiro appointment tonight. So, I went by Hobby Lobby and got my paper... about $60 worth! *faints* (told you this is a huge project, haha!). Plus, it is a super-extra special project, so I couldn't get just "any ole paper"!!! It had to be "just right." I got some patriotic-themed paper, but sort of muted, dignified...not glaringly bright "4th of July Fireworks" type. While I got several sheets of various patriotic papers, I did NOT get anything 'military' themed. Because even though this project is soldier-related (some of you know what I'm talking about, hehehehe), it's not a "military-type" project, per se. Those of you who know what I'm doing, know what I mean, hehehehe. :) Then, I got several papers in various shades of blue with "peaceful" patters, such as clouds ("heaven") or water, or just a subtle, peaceful pattern on them. Also got several solid colors in various shades of cream, tan, brown, and a couple grey. Then, I found a package of 180 12x12 scrapbook pages - oodles of different designs, several different sheets of each design - for $20. So of course I got that. There's a lot of great stuff there. Oh yeah, and I also got a specail package of 14 pages with "faith" designs on them... some look like stained glass, a couple have crosses subtly blended into the background or on the borders, and a few other designs I can't remember now. That was expensive, I think like $10 for that packet alone, owie. BUT like I said...this is SUCH a special project...everything has to be "just right" - and it must be meaningful, peaceful, hope-filled, dignified, filled with love and sincere - all at the same time. I wandered around and bought stuff that "felt" right, even if I wasn't quite sure what I'm gonna do with it yet, haha. :) I also got a little corner-decorator thingy... I forget what they are called - like a paper punch, only instead of simply "rounding' the corners of the paper, it punches a pretty design into it - I have one that turns the corners into heart-shaped, and this one new one is like a lattice-work design, really pretty. :)

I must confess... I am very nervous about this project. It's the most important I've ever done, and I just hope I can do a good enough job on it.... haven't been scrapbooking that long, so I'm certainly no expert!!!!!!

So, anyway, I'm back to being very well-stocked with paper now, haha... Hope Mr. Hobby Lobby President enjoyes that vacation, surely I've paid for at least a good portion of it by now, hahahahaha!!!!!

Next on my list... a car. We finally got the insurance check for the Katmobile, which is now history (hence, where I got that $60 to begin with, haha...). We almost "have to" get one this weekend, since the insurance company won't pay for the rental much longer at all....! been two weeks now since the wreck... well, 17 days to be exact... and yes, still in lots of pain, tho feeling better today than I have bee. :)

OK, back to sorting all this paper....


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