Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Month of Mondays....

ok, this is trivial and silly, so i apologize in advance. but i'm reallly upset!

Some of you know, I'm working on a VERY special scrapbook project - not to mention, a very BIG scrapbook project, haha! So, tonight, in anticipation of this huge project, LOL, I went to hobby lobby and bought a scrapbook and a few stickers & embellishments, etc... altogether... well, let's just not name a dollar amount, but I forked over quite a few. Hope the Hobby Lobby President enjoys that Hawaian vacation, haha! Anyway, I didn't buy any paper, because i had (HAD) a TON of it here that i've ben collecting over the past 2 years or so... I mean, TONS of paper. I also bought a new carrying case for my paper, so I could organize it and give it a home other than the cardboard box it lived in all this time, haha.

WEll, i got home, went to get my paper to begin sorting and organizing, and trying to think of an idea of how I want to do this (haven't been able to think of a scheme yet... SIGH...I've got 2 weeks yet before I get started on it, so its all good). Well... apparently, a kid or two had spilled some form of liquid ALL OVER MY BOX OF PAPER (which was in my room, ostensibly away from kids...ha!) AND THE WHOLE THING WAS RUINED. Some cardstock was salvageable, but 99% of everything - paper, borders, die cuts, stickers... you name it - was RUINED. LOST. GONE. I mean... probably well over $100 worth of STUFF - poof. Gone. :(

Now, I've got to go back out and get a bunch of paper all over again. Which is expensive. and frustrating... I had SO MUCH paper here... I really had everything I needed!!!!! Now I gotta start from scratch. SIGH. I guess that's why "something" told me to get started organizing and sorthing this "tonight" even though i ahve about 2 weeks till i have to start working on it!

argh...'s an excuse to shop????? SIGH

I know...PAPER of all things is a silly thing to get so upset about... but this project is extremely special to me...its the most important project i've ever done for anyone, ever and it just HAS TO BE **perfect**. This project is very dear to my heart and... dang it. *throws things* On the other hand... with all that soggy paper...i could have one heck of a (artifically premade) spitball fight, couldn't i?!

Thank God tomorrow is Friday... March (and, come to think of it, February and January) has been (with very rare exceptions) nothing but ONE GIANT FREAKIN' "MONDAY"!!!!!!!!!!!

/End Kat Rant.


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