Sunday, March 19, 2006


The Headline in today's Walton Tribune was: "48th BRIGADE TROOPS TO COME HOME!" I was gonna copy the article here, BUT the link is screwed up on their website, and i'm just NOT gonna type the whole thing word-for-word for ya, sorry! Anyway, the title of the article says it all - MY LOCAL HEROES ARE COMIN HOME!!!! We got two adopted "kids" (haha) with the 48th - and we are treatin' BOTH to dinner when they get home! It's funny - I'd asked both of 'em (at different times - neither one knows the other) "When we take y'all out to dinner, got a preference for where we go? What kinda food ya like?" And they BOTH said the same exact thing - "good, old-fashioned Southern food!" hahaha! That's a couple of good ole boys for ya, hahahaha! Well, one thing we got plenty of here in Georgia - restaraunts that serve good, old=fashioned southern food, hahaha! :) My one "kid" (who really is a kid, 24) has already had his mail-stop date come & go. My other "kid" (hahaha - kid at heart at least - right, LL & SK?!) isn't too far behind re: mailstop. I'll be so glad when ALL OF THEM are home... and yet, even as I write that, I feel, I dunno, almost.. guilty? I'm so excited for "my" soldiers comin home - yet there are so many whose soldiers will NEVER come home... and for them, this season of homecoming is going to be very bittersweet. Probably far more bitter than sweet. Never has the reality of this touched me so deeply before. Always, it's been, "Yay, my heroes are coming home!" but THIS time around - our town lost one of "ours" - and as you know, he is buried about five minutes from my house. So it brings the contrast of sorrow and joy together in a way I've never felt before... More real & personal than ever before. *idea* I think what I'll do...when I get word that my heroes have hit U.S. soil, if at all possible within 24 hours after I get that phone call, I'll make sure to go visit Mike's grave again, to pay my respects... I don't know if that logically makes any sense at all, and can't quite even explain it myself, but I just feel like that is something I should do somehow.

Well, nighty-night all - I'm going to sleep. Gotta long, hard day tomorrow. Have a great monday! I get to drive my new car tomorrow - yippee!


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