Saturday, March 11, 2006

Freedom isn't free

Me, hubby, and all four kids went to pay our respects to our local fallen hero, Sgt. Michael Stokely. I know this might seem weird, but we took pictures of our visit. This was hubby's idea -- see, Mike JUST NOW got a headstone, almost seven months after the fact. And his dad hasn't had a chance to go out to see it yet... so hubby thought it would be nice to take pictures to email to him, which we did. The pic you see here is me, and my baby (who will be three on June 11), as he is placing a flower on the grave. This is definitely one of those EXTREMELY bitter-sweet pictures..... It wasn't until I downloaded these pictures on our computer and was looking at this one, that I got the very chilling thought... "What if, twenty years from now....." well, you fill in the blanks. :-(

You can see the other nine pictures by clicking on this link: FREEDOM ISN'T FREE

Folks, never forget how much our heroes give up to keep us safe and free. "All give some - some give all."


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