Friday, March 10, 2006

"American Soldier" INJURED

One of my all-time favorite milbloggers, "American Soldier" was injured by an IED very recently. Click here to read about it. He is still with his unit, though he is not currently able to go "outside the wire" on missions. Ultimately, he'll be ok.

But boy oh boy lemme tellya... my heart dropped like a rock and tears popped outta my eyes when I read the words, "AS has been wounded by an IED"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of my "adopted by blog" (Meaning, soldiers whose blogs I follow religiously, but don't snail-mail) soldier-babies has been hurt.... and "Momma Kat" is highly upset!!!!!! But THANK GOD it wasn't anything WORSE than what it was!!

Y'all pop by and give A.S. some encouragement and "warm fuzzies"and let him know you are praying for him.


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