Sunday, February 19, 2006

"God Smiled"

Got this in my email today and thought I would share it. Here's a nice "warm fuzzy" inspiration for everyone... God knows I sure needed it! :-)

God Smiled

God smiled this morning as you opened up your eyes, for He knew His Son had defeated Satan's Lies.

God smiled as You started your New Day, because He had gone before you and prepared your way.

God Smiled as you chatted with Him for awhile, for He knew it would give you added strength for each new mile.

God Smiled as you helped People during your busy day, and treasured each thing you had to say.

God Smiled as you acknowledged Him as the day went by, and it filled His Heart with Fatherly Pride.

God Smiled as you came to Him again at the end of your day, for He was eagerly waiting to hear what you had to say.

God Smiled as you drifted off into sweet sleep and sent His Mighty Angels for Your Soul to keep.

God Smiled and thought what a wonderful day it had been, because He had fellowship with You His Precious Friend!

Written by: Paula Wedding


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