Sunday, January 01, 2006

What does your birthday mean?

Your Birthdate: February 10

Independent and dominant, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations.
You're very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you.
Mundane tasks tend to drain you - you prefer to be making great plans.
You are quite original. When people don't "get" you, it bothers you a lot.

Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October

OK, some of this is accurate, a lot isn't. Such as me being 'confident' and 'dominent' in situations...heck, i'm terribly shy and prefer to be a "wallflower," hahahaha! 'Ability to Gain Respect'?! HAHAHAHA! yeah... as if... I'm like Rodney Dangerfield, ahahaha! (remember? "I don't get no respect," hahaha!)... and power color being orange/red? I HATE orange with a passion, hahaha... though i do LOVE red!!! :-)

OK, y'all.. all five of y'all... take the quiz and post yer results in the comments! :-)


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