Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Well, y'all, after 11:00 a.m. TOMORROW (Thurs, January 12), I will be COMPLETELY OFFLINE until the afternoon of TUESDAY, January 17.

I am running off on a MOST excellent adventure ~ hehehe... and I ain't tellin ya what it is! (Those of you who know...SHHHHH!!!!)

I will give you these few clues... My little adventure involves: An airplane, a HUGE surprise, gunfighters/outlaws (ummm...not the "modern-day" variety!!!) and *gasp* A TV APPEARANCE. In that order. :-) Heheheheheh... Oh, and I'm going alone. :-)

OK, y'all, now try to guess what I'm doing, hahaha! (Those of you who know, don't tell!) This oughta be fun... put your guesses in the comments section and on Tuesday (or wednesday, as soon as I have a chance) I'll post and clue you in on all the details!!!! :) You will SO never guess! :)

Now I'd better see a lot of comments when I get back, hahaha... Or I will feel SOOOOOOOO unloved!!!! :-(

*Kat puts on cowboy hat, starts packing & gets ready to ride*



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