Friday, January 27, 2006

God Help Us All...

OK, today is the day! My friend Brie from Angels 'n Camouflage is gonna be here sometime around 4 or 5 or 6, depending on 1) when she leaves SC and 2) how lost she gets on the way down! :-)

Let the chaos and insanity begin, poor hubby and kids....trapped here in the house with two nutso-crazy women who are baking 20 dozen sugar cookies (18 doz for our Ga. platoon, and 2 doz for our small group bible study group)! I predict an incredible amount of laughter and crazyness this weekend...! haha! Can the Universe handle this?! hahaha!

The itenerary goes like this:

Tonight: - preparing the dough for the cookies.
- finishing up a special care package I've been working on
- making v-day cards

Tomorrow A.M.

- Go to post office, mail the aforementioned special care package
- Go to Walmart to pick up any last-minute things we need, and flowers (you'll see why)
- Go pay a visit to Sgt. Mike Stokely's grave (as long as she's here, brie really wants to do that - and I haven't been yet this month so it works out well)
- BAKE BAKE BAKE BAKE... based on the christmas cookie misadventure, I can guestimate that it will easily take a good 10-12 hours of continuous baking and decorating and packaging to get it all done.
- Finish sorting valentine cards


- Go to church
- Small group bible study and lunch
- Go to walmart, get pictures of our Baking Adventure developed
- Get home, put the aforementioned pics into a small album
- Box up the cookies and all the valentine cards for shipping on Monday (or possibly tuesday, depending on what i get in the mail Saturday, if I'm still waiting for some I'm expecting)

And that's it folks! Yikes...gotta leave for work now...

Here we go y'all!

It's gonna be a wild ride!


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