Monday, October 10, 2005

Today completely stinks

Today (Monday, of course) is shaping up to be an awful day. First, it's rainy and drizzly, which always adds up to creating The Commute From Hell. Thankfully, since today is a holiday (Columbus Day), traffic was much lighter than normal. I've got tons of stuff to do at work, but almost all of it is very tedious and boring stuff at the moment... and LOTS of it. But that's not the worst thing. In fact, drizzle and tedium aside, my day was actually alright. oh yeah, forgot to mention ~ one of my yellow ribbon "support the troops" magnets was faded & peeling, but when I went to remove it, I discovered that the intense Georgia sun had melted the dang thing to my car! I got (most of) it off, but there are still bits of magnet stuck to my car... which need to be removed somehow so I can get a new ribbon! My POW/MIA ribbon is looking kinda poorly too, and those things are impossible to find around here, dang it....

Well, anyway, minor and petty inconveniences aside, my day was actually going pretty well. Until about 10:00 or so, when we got a phone call: One of my favorite clients was found dead over the weekend. My boss tells me it was entirely natural causes. I was just stunned ~ this guy was SO funny and likeable ~ every time he'd call the office or come by for an appointment, I just always had to tell my boss afterwards, "He just just the NICEST guy!" and Boss would always agree, "Yes, he really is!" "Client" [can't mention his name, of course, confidentiality rules and all that] was very jovial and upbeat, downright jolly, even, always with a story to tell about some adventure he'd been on, etc.

I've been very upset ever since.

Mondays suck.

Especially this one.


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