Friday, October 28, 2005


ok, NOW that Self-Portrait Friday is almost OVER, Blogger and/or my mean computer FINALLY lets me post a pic! *rolls eyes* go figure! Anyway, this pic of me is from late May/early June 2005, when I was collecting 4th of July cards at church to send to my dear heroes. :-) Incidently, I'll be collecting cards again on November 6 and 13 for a couple of specific platoons that have sustained heavy casualties. :-( Should any of my loyal 5 readers wish to contribute, you can send an email "letter of thanks" to me at Just put "THANK YOU HERO" in the suject line of the mail so I'll know what its for.

OK, now on to the original point of this post....shortly after 4:00 p.m. , Grandbaby Clayton Lee __________(last name omitted) was born! 8lbs, 8 oz, reportedly lots of red hair, and 21.5 inches long. Note.... I AM ONLY 32 AND AM NOT REALLY OLD ENOUGH TO BE A GRANDMOTHER...this would be hubby's youngest daughter's baby (hubby is 40, his youngest - who does NOT live with us - is 18).


Anyway, as I was typing the above, hubby just got done talking to his daughter, and I have another update. There are apparently a few problems with the baby ~he's got low blood sugar and apparently they are concerned about his too-rapid breathing and are busy x-raying him and doing all sorts of other tests on him. I will keep all five of you dear loyal readers posted as I know more!

UPDATE #2 10/28/05 11:33 P.M. The diagnosis is that the baby was born with pneumonia (!!!!!!!) and low blood sugar (!!!!!!). In addition, he sustained a broken collar bone during birth ~ apparently, they should have done a C-section and didn't. But, that's the least of their worries...the lill fella is in NICU for God only knows how long and because he's so sick, and cuz of the broken collar bone, nobody is allowed to hold the lill fella yet.


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