Monday, October 31, 2005

*I* Got a Care Package!!

I got the surprise of my life today when I got home from work!!!! I got a BIG HUGE CARE PACKAGE from one of my former soldier's Momma's!!!!! I mean, HUGE. It was overflowing with patriotic stationery, "thinking of you" & patriotic cards for me to send to my guys, a couple pads of plain lined stationery, a few boxes of envelopes, oodles of patriotic stickers, TWO HUNDRED STAMPS ~ 100 bought by Momma and 100 bought by him...some Iraqi money .. a couple patriotic T-shirts, one of which says, "All-American MOM!"... a flag to hang on our porch... a patriotic bead bracelet, some little glass angel knicknacks, a 5x7 patriotic picture frame, a small (2"x3") silver picture frame that says "I Love You" on it.... OMG just more stuff than i can even absorb.... *typing as tears are flowing hard* And of course a nice long letter from Momma... She said the family wants to help me "Continue the Mission" of supporting our heroes......

OMG.... I'm just stunned.... this is the most priceless treasure I've ever gotten, ever.

excuse me while I disolve into tears again.... OMG......


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