Saturday, October 08, 2005

A hero needs TLC!

Hello all! Happy Saturday to you. :-) Today, I have a request ~ all five of y'all paying attention? :-) Actually, a two-part request. Captain Z over at "From My Position" is requesting that we send cards/letters/etc of encouragement to one of the guys in his unit who is going throuh a rough time. I didn't post his address here, but it IS on Captain Z's blog. Here's what he had to say about his friend:

"...a young SPC Ronnie Smutz could use some of your best wishes, he’s
fallen on exceptionally difficult times. Not necessarily financial, but
definitely heavy crosses to bear....I can’t get into the personal details, but SPC Smutz is one of the men who pieced me back together on the LZ last June. I owe him a lot, and given the outpouring ya’ll gave me, I’m sure you’ll do likewise for him."

So, please go over to his blog and get SPC Smutz's address, and then please send this hero a note of encouragement!!!!!!!! Sounds like he could really use it.

OK, now on to part two of my request. When you go read Captain Z's current post, you'll see he's been kind of having a hard time himself recently ~ his injuries sustained in Iraq were really severe and the healing process is an extremely slow and excrutiatingly painful one. So, please post a comment of encouragement for him, too.

Thanks, y'all!!!! Much appreciated! :-)


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