Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bring a Cold-Blooded Killer to Justice!

Please visit Major K's blog and see if you recognize the photograph of a fugitive from justice. This scumbag murdered Major K's friend in cold blood, and is still "out there" somewhere. America's Most Wanted has profiled this case; there is a link to the AMW website with the full story. It is heartbreaking. I may only have five readers out there ~ but who knows, maybe one of y'all will be "the one" to help bring this guy in.

Here's a quote from Major K's site:

This scumbag, Fabian Urrea, murdered my friend and fellow Soldier, SPC Jorge Estrada in cold blood over four months ago. I wrote a post about it shortly after it happened. He is still out there somewhere, living free and so far untouched by the law. Rumored to be in Southern California, Kingman, Arizona or Mexico, America's Most Wanted has profiled the case.


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