Wednesday, September 21, 2005


OMG ~ I don't know if y'all have FoxNews/CNN/MSNBC/whatever on...but JetBlue flight 292 is gonna have to make an emergency landing with really damaged landing gear....about 150 ppl on board (roughly). I'm watching on TV right now...closeup of the wheels shows that the landing gear in the front of teh plane, the wheels are turned SIDEWAYS. They are not straight...they are SIDEWAYS. The landing gear is also bent at some weird angle. They are saying that they feel the nosewheel landing gear is very possibly, probably, goiong to snap on impact. PRAY HARD. Theoretically, they can land and survive... but it is a VERY DELICATE balancing act adn the pilot needs all the angels he can get. Working in the wonderful world of aviation as I do....I have a pretty good understanding of how severe this is. Well, not like its rocket science or anything.... but it's just real familiar to me. Right now they are flying around trying to burn off as much gas as possible before attempting this landing.



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