Friday, September 23, 2005

Sellf-portrait Friday

This is a picture of me on June 11, 2003 ~ the day my last (and i do mean, LAST!) baby was born. :-) He was just a few hours old in this picture. :-) Isn't he CUTE?! You may notice a lill feeding tube going in his nose ~ he almost died at birth ~ he was this un-lovely shade of purple when he was born and it took them a long time to get him breathing regularly on his own. Then he could NOT hold ANY food down, not to mention the fact that whenever he ate, he'd forget to breathe and start to turn blue! So, he was in NICU for the first six or seven days of his lill life, and when he did come home, he had to have one of those apnea monitor thingies hooked up to him for the first six months. HOWEVER, everything was fine in the end, and today he is a healthy, hyper, and very smart lill 2-year-old... who certainly ACTS just like a 2-year-old! Poor stay at home hubby...! ;-)


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