Saturday, September 03, 2005

On the lighter side...

OK, here's a cute kid story that will make you laugh (or at least giggle a bit). Earlier today, I was sitting at the kitchen table, making cards for wounded soldiers. Kathryn, age 4, insisted on getting some paper and a pen to write to some "shoulders" (some days she can pronounce "soldiers" real good, some days not, LOL).

Anyway, those of you who know me know that in July, Sgt. Christopher Missick came to visit me and my family. (definitely one of the coolest things to happen in my life, EVER!) Anyway, Kathryn said...

drumroll please....

"Mommy, I'm writing this letter for Soldier Biscuit, O.K.?"

ROFLOL!!! She meant "Sgt. Missick" of course... and when I tried to help her say it correctly, she's like, "Yeah, mommy, that's what I said ~ Soldier Biscuit!"


And that, my friends, is today's Kathryn-ism. :-)
(The picture in this post is me & Sgt. Missick @ The Blue Willow Inn in Social Circle, Ga. Didn't hubby take a GREAT picture with our high-class $7 disposable walmart camera?!)


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