Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm a "new mom" again.....

LOL! No, no, no, not THAT way...not in the natural sense of the word, LOL!!! I just wanted to see how many of my five readers were paying attention, LOL! :-) But, good news ~ the Angels 'n Camouflage "stork" just arrived at my email inbox with a brand-new soldier for me to adopt!!!!! **Big Proud Momma-like grin**

I'm very pleased and proud to have been assigned this kid to spoil rotten ~ you see, he's a member of Georgia's National Guard 48th Brigade. The untit that has lost so many recently. A few weeks ago, I learned that AnC supports the 48th.. and immediately requested (OK, begged, LOL) to be given someone from that unit. I regret that I am unable to afford to send care packages...but God knows I can write some letters!!!! :-) And believe me... I WILL write him, every week (more than every week, even). And of course... I'll lose a ton of sleep worrying about him. But what the heck... I also have a kid in an infantry division, mortar I never sleep anyway. ;-) Get a lot of prayin' done, though!!! ;-)

Nah... in all seriousness... I'm honored to be able to do whatever I matter how little (very little, unfortunately) it may be... to "support our troops." THANK YOU, AnC, for my new "kid!" My family has just grown by one. :-)

Oh by the way...for some reason, that reminds me... today on the way home from church, this one business had a sign out front that said, "Support Our Troops on Labor Day!" Hubby and I both looked at each other and said the same thing ~ "So...what about the rest of the year?!" LOL. Nice thought, I guess their hearts were in the right place, LOL.

Anyway, off to bathe the kids, and get to writing!!!! :-)


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