Thursday, September 29, 2005

I have a new baby.....

*hands out cigars to all* Yep, I have a new baby ~ my family has grown by one! :-) Let me tell ya about my new baby. You know how us proud Mommas love to brag on our babies!!!!! First, it's a BOY!!!! I'm so proud of him!!!!!! :-) Can't tell ya any vital statistics, such as hair color, eye color, etc., as I've never seen him and most likely never will. I do know his birthday, which of course I can't share specifically, except to say that he was born in 1978. Yes, my new baby is only five years younger than Momma Kat!!!!!!!

As you've probably guessed, my new baby is not my biological baby ~ He arrived to my email in-box special delivery via the Adopt-a-Platoon Stork tonight! Yep, my bouncing baby boy is a CPL in the U.S. Marines, and is currently serving in Afghanistan for the next several months! :-) According to the email I received, he likes to snack on chips, cookies,beef jerky, sunflower seeds & candy. (Hey, JP, see that?! He likes BEEF JERKY!!!!!! Requested it, even!).

I was so excited...I've been "expecting" for about a month now!!!!! One of my other babies recently reached his Mail Stop date ~ He'll be flying to coop before too terribly long! So, I had to go through the bittersweet ritual of writing The Final Letter.... Sweet, because it means HE'S GOIN' HOME!!!! Yeeeeeeehaaaawwww!!!!!!! Kinda sad, cuz I always miss my "kids" when I no longer write to them. :-( It's a mom thing ~ I don't call them all my "babies" for nothin!!! They really are my babies... they really do become part of my family and I remember them always... in fact, I keep pics of some of my "kids" on my desk at work...right next to the pics of my biological family!!!! People always ask me about them... and then probly regret it cuz, like a proud Momma Kat, I go on & on & on... shamelessly plugging Adoptaplatoon and Angels 'n Camouflage all the while.

Anyway, the nest was feeling kinda empty, what with having one less "kid" to write to and all... so the arrival of my new baby was (as always) a very welcome event!!!!! :-) So, now I get to make up the little "Adoption Certificate" I usually make up, and write our intro letter... and then get busy writing letters and making cards and all sorts of fun stuff to continue to spoil our new baby rotten!!!!!! :-) Yippee!!! (Uh-oh... I just remembered... I only have FOUR stamps left. :-( Crisis.... ack....*stress, stress*)

So, that's the big news here!!! :-) Y'all celebrate with me, would ya?! :-) Write a letter, send an email, post a NICE comment on a milblog...just do SOMETHING to say THANKS to our heroes, OK?!

Oh yeah, and in other news I had an environmental science test tonight...much harder than I thought it would be...I'm thinking I'll get only a low B this time around. The first tests are always the worst, cuz you never really know exactly what the teacher's going to be asking and looking for, how tricky the questions will be, etc. Now I know more what to expect on the next one...and dang it, I'll be ready! :-)

UPDATE 9/30/05, 10:26 P.M.EST: I got another new baby!!!!!!! Yep, a second bouncing baby boy!!!! Don't know much about him, except that he's a "young guy" according to Platoon Mom Danielle from AAP... and he's in a Weapons Platoon, which sounds awfully dangerous. Well, I've specifically been requesting guys in major combat zones, because I feel like they sure could use the extra TLC... Like I've said before, I'll never sleep again for worry, but I'll get a lot of praying done! I have an infantry guy in a mortar platoon, a Marine in a transportation company, a couple in an "Armored Cavalry Regiment" that are really going thru hell, my new baby in Afghanistan who is in "a rough neighborhood," I was told, and now my new Weapons Platoon Marine. Oh yeah, and can't forget about my guy in GA's 48th National Guard Brigade, which as you may know was in heavy fighting for quite a while...(Got a letter from him today..what a nice guy...really made my day!) Not sure what my other "babies" do, as they are silent...but there's really no safe place over there, I'm sure.

Anyway, just wanted to share my "Good News, Part Two!" :-)

Luv to all,

The Proud Momma Kat


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