Thursday, September 01, 2005


Everyone, please keep American Soldier in your prayers. His surgery has been postponed and he is going to help the hurricane victims. Not only is it going to be physically and emotionally exhausting, it is also extraordinarily dangerous now, as it appears that chaos and lawlessness rein. (Thanks to CJ who had that link on his blog.) This article compares it to Urban Warfare. So, pray for his safety, pray that his shoulder holds up and does not a) get injured even more seriously, and b) does not cause him constant, excruciating pain (or even intermittant excruciating pain, for that matter).

Thank you, God, for American Soldier ~ not only just our blogosphere hero specifically, but ALL of our American soldiers ~ and the countless of thousands of volunteers who are working so hard and so selflessly, and/or donating funds, to help those who have been devestated by this hurricane!

God, I ask that you watch over A.S. as he travels to the depths of the devestation and works to help bring the chaos under control. I pray that you give him extra wisdom, insight, and clarity of mind. Give him the extra strength and stamina he will need, the endurance to keep going. Father, please protect his heart, as I know it will be broken by what he sees while he is there. For those times, God, please comfort him and send some encouragement his way.

Lord, I also ask that you watch over his dear family while he is gone. Please give them an extra measure of grace and peace and strength. Provide for them, encourage them, comfort them also.

God, my heart is full but my words are few...thankfully, you can decipher whatever it is that's in there, even when I can't. Thank you, again, for A.S. and all the other heroes out there who are putting themselves in harm's way (either here or in other countries).

In Jesus' Name,


Georgia Blogger