Wednesday, September 28, 2005


NOW HERE THIS! Calling all YIKES! readers (all five of you!) JP of HOOAH.NET fame (or infamy) has started a caption contest over at his new website. If you come up with the winning caption (the contest runs for one week) you'll get a really nifty 8x10 print from Soldierfoto (and there are lots of cool pics there!!!). And, for doing this little trackback thingy (if I can make it work right) I'll get a free 5x7 pic. :-) I think. I'm on the tail-end of my lunchbreak, so I kinda read it real fast. But hey...if there's even a remote chance of me getting cool free stuff, I'm all for it. :-)

So....why are you still here?! Shoo, y'all... go on over and harrass, I mean, submit a caption for the caption contest. :-)


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