Thursday, September 22, 2005

And The Results Are In....

OK, trying this again....I just wrote a whole LONG post and then something went nutso and I lost the post, it just disappeared!!!! Blah..... :-(

Anyway, I got my first Literature test back ~ got a 92!!!! Almost all the errors were grammatical (punctuation) in I got a couple titles slightly wrong (should have been, "The Classic of Poetry," not "The Classic of Poems." Got half a point off for each of those. As far as the essay question, again punctuation was the big thing ~ but as far as content and structure, etc., I somehow really nailed it! :-) *faints* She said the arguments were well thought-out, organized well, and proven well. *whew!* *faints again*

My first environmental science test is next Thursday... pretty darn nervous about that!!!!!! :-(

Well, enough of that mess... now on to the MOST important part of this post: ~K over at "Life With Me In It" has an update about her stepdad's condition ~ please stop by and leave her some words of encouragement!!!! Thanx much!


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